Custom Automotive Hydraulics

We'll build a custom hydraulic assembly or hose for any classic car, lowrider, or other vehicle right at our shop in Raleigh, NC.

Custom Automotive Hose Assemblies

Hydraulic Lifts and Pistons

Your Hydraulic Dreams Made into Reality

Custom Hydraulic Assemblies

Nothing is worse than a part not being available. If your vehicle is older you know it is going to require custom work to build the hoses and assemblies for every system in your vehicle.

Force Flex Industrial can fabricate any type of hose assembly you require. We have hundreds of connectors and fittings that follow standards from around the globe. In stock. Available right now. We also have a vastp variety of hose and tube types to ensure you get the perfect solution for your vehicle. You can bring in an existing part, diagram, drawing or we can help you fabricate your unique solution.

Lift Systems

Your car is your passion. If you want a custom hydraulic system for your vehicle for cosmetic reasons, fun, or just have a special application like accommodating more weight in your vehicle Force Flex Industrial is your solution provider. Nobody does it better. We'll design your system, the electronics, cylinders, pumps, and gear to make your desires become a reality. Dream big and count on us to help you find the perfect solution.