Force Flex Industrial is your go-to source for high-quality hydraulic, pneumatic, and other industrial adapters and fittings. These components are critical in any fluid or air powered system, ensuring their efficiency while supporting your entire operation. With our complete inventory boasting over 6,000 different part numbers, we have on hand almost every size and configuration of adapters and fittings for your project.

Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings for Emergencies

Force Flex Industrial’s knowledgeable staff has extensive experience in hydraulic/industrial hose and steel tubing fabrication, and repair for almost every industry that exists. With our team having a combined 47 years of experience in the industrial and automotive hose and fitting sectors, our ability to anticipate and identify potential problems at the shop or in the field is very well honed.

Our industry intelligence guided by experience combined with the dense amount of adapter inventory we have in stock makes us a top tier resource for everyone. From global organizations having an emergency facility repair to source parts for or the local mechanic working on the side of the road needing a field serviceable solution to get a customer up and running again, Force Flex should be your first call.

The common emergency for most customers' equipment usually consists of 2 basic scenarios. 

  1. The first kind of emergency and the overwhelming majority of cases we see comes from customer/operator damage. Oopsies happen, we get that, and we’re prepared for that. When you have a piece of equipment go down on a jobsite for just a $10 or $20 adapter that got cracked you could be losing thousands of dollars every hour that it's not in use. When the stakes are that high, having a partner like Force Flex on speed dial is the only solution because we will correctly identify and have on hand the right adapter or fitting connection for your equipment.
  2. The second type of emergency regarding fittings or adapters failing is due to corrosion, or wear and tear.  Replacements of adapters and fittings are common, especially if they’re already worn out due to rust because of constant exposure to harsh environments. Other kinds of wear and tear come with high impulse and vibration from equipment like rock breakers or hydraulic hammers. 

Fortunately, we are well positioned to solve these issues any time day or night with the right replacement. Between our Raleigh warehouse with counter sales and supplemental stock warehouses in Atlanta and Charlotte at our disposal, we stock a complete adapter inventory of Pipe/NPT, Boss/ORB, Metric/DIN, JIC, JIS, SAE, and finally British/BSPP/BSPT.

Our Full Range of Adapters and Fittings

While having every fitting for every application is next to impossible with so many prototypes, fittings that are actually functional check valves and other scenarios of the like, no distributor can truly have everything sitting on the shelf. We are no exception but we do have the most comprehensive stock on hand you’ll ever hope to see in one place. 

Some of the most popular adapters frequently purchased by our customers are:

  • Flat-face adapters: Flat-face - commonly referred to as a John Deere fitting -  adapters are easily identified by the signature o-ring that sits inside a machined groove on the face to create a leak proof seal that can handle 5k psi when just tightened by hand. These hydraulic components sit flush or flat against each other during fluid transfers. 
  • NPT adapters: NPT stands for National Pipe Thread, and with the application of a little PTFE tape or pipe dope for a leak proof seal, these fittings can easily handle pressures up to 15k psi. An adapter utilizing pipe thread configurations will have a male end that's threaded and tapered so when it is screwed into the female pipe adapter the threads mash together. The standard pipe adapter when properly prepped can last decades for basic uses with water, natural gas, oil and other petroleum based products. 
  • Metric adapters: The German and Austrian engineers are well known for overengineering heavy manufacturing equipment and other various industrial items to be bullet proof. In the course of their innovation in the fluid power space they came up with the Metric/DIN method of connecting hydraulics and other fluid power systems. There are 2 designations they came up with. Metric DIN light, and DIN heavy. Without getting too inside baseball here the gist of it is Lights are for lower pressure designs and DIN heavy fittings are for higher pressure applications. They’re an especially good choice for equipment in environments that are subject to extreme impulse and rough operating conditions.
  • A/N or JIC adapters: Originally designed by the Army & Navy during WWII, these were used to connect flexible hoses and rigid metal tubing that carry fluid. Later on the Joint Industrial Conference (or council) would go on to adopt the AN adapter as an industry standard 37 degree flared fitting for implementation into commercial applications that are now ubiquitous in every industry and are a comparatively inexpensive  connection when compared to other methods listed here.

Hydraulic Applications of Adapters and Fittings

Hydraulic adapters and fittings have the same essential functions: to ensure safe fluid flow in the system while eliminating leaks or fluctuations.

With that said, below are typical hydraulic applications for adapters and fittings:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Plumbing applications
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Construction and mining equipment
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Automotive

Hydraulic systems come in many forms, and it's our job to ensure they all use the right adapters and fittings. Force Flex Industrial has a full inventory of these components, so you can be confident that your system is running optimally.

We Have Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings For Every System

Our inventory is always up to date, so we never run out of essentials such as adapters and fittings. Our comprehensive selection allows us to provide replacements for your hydraulic system in no time. 

If you need any help with a broken adapter or identifying what it is or want to know more about our product line & services, feel free to contact us today. Our team will happily find a solution for all your adapter needs.