Hydraulic Hose Repair in Raleigh, NC

Hydraulic Hose Failure can Render Your Entire System Non-Functional. If You've Detected a Faulty Hydraulic Line or Failed Coupling You've Come to the Right Place. Force Flex is Fully Capable of Diagnosing and Repairing Your Hydraulic System.

Mobile & Counter Service Fabrication

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Huge Selection of Hoses, Tubes, Pipes and Fittings

If it Breaks We Fix It

Wide Range of Hydraulic System Capabilities

We work on a huge range of hydraulic and industrial hose systems. We have a massive inventory of hose types, fittings, adaptors, flanges, and couplings. Regardless of the size, pressure, fitting, or configuration we will repair your system with expertise and care. We can even produce custom solutions for special use cases and unique environments.


Your Source for the Repair You Need

We work hard to give you a high quality hose assembly with quick-turn-around, over the counter, and mobile repair services. We service Raleigh, Wake County and the surrounding counties.

We have a large selection of low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic hose supplies. We offer the largest selection of fittings in the area.

  • CAT Flange
  • Komatsu
  • JIC & JIS
  • SAE
  • NPT
  • Metric DIN Light & Heavy
  • O-Ring Boss
  • Flat Face O-Ring Seal

Hydraulic Capabilities You Can Trust

We can make your hydraulic assemblies to your specifications through example, printout, or diagram. We'll ensure a leak free connection. Your hydraulic hose assembly is our number one concern.



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