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Here at Force Flex Industrial we are powering American progress in every industry. Our founding manager who had 12 years of exclusive experience at local Parker Store in hydraulic hose repair, pneumatic hoses and related fittings & accessories brought that highly coveted experience and opened our first location here in Raleigh. In very short order he built a small powerhouse hydraulic hose shop that served everyone from local municipalities to multi state construction companies on the concept of doing things right the first time, and for a fair price.

So naturally serving customers in such a wide range of industries with respect to hydraulics we gained valuable expertise in a variety of industrial hose applications that were complementary to the primary hydraulic hose services we provided. Along the way a sister location close by absorbed an industrial hose company which completed our transition into becoming a full line hose distributor and retailer. This gave us the leverage to now bring to bear our deep expertise in fluid transfer products on the strong relationships with our customers & manufacturers which in turn catapulted Force Flex to aggressively expanding all of our product lines to be a leading supplier to every industry present in North Carolina.

In short if it goes through a hose or a tube…we know about it, we have it or we can get it.

Industries We Proudly Serve & Work With

We understand that each industry is different, and their specifications and requirements will vary from time to time. Fortunately, we have been working in fluid transfer products for many years, allowing us to gain knowledge and expertise in each sector we work with. Therefore, we can offer a high-quality and reliable pneumatic and hydraulic repair service.

We specialize in the following industries:


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry relies on a variety of fluid and pneumatic systems. From the A/C hoses that keep you cool to the transmission lines that keep fluid in your transmission case. Fortunately, we provide various products and  services that ensure that your vehicle's system is kept in tip-top shape and running correctly without problems.

With the many roles fluid power products play in the automotive environment, it's imperative to maintain your systems and equipment. If you're looking for professionals with the know-how and inventory on hand so you don’t have to wait, look no further than Force Flex Industrial.

The areas of expertise in the automotive industry that we can assist with:

  • Engineering of brakes lines
  • Power steering 
  • Transmissions
  • Liftgates 
  • Fuel lines
  • Vacuum lines
  • Air ride & hydraulic suspension
  • Oil cooler & trans cooler lines
  • DOT air brake & Compressor lines

Industrial Settings

Numerous industrial applications rely on hydraulics and pneumatics for multiple tasks. From powering components to providing motion control, these systems are essential for the daily functions of many industrial processes. It allows for greater control over machine settings, reducing wasted time while improving the overall production procedures.

We can also provide hydraulic cylinder repair for systems where their cylinders are compromised. These are critical parts that retain the pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. Since industries utilize different hydraulic components, we can repair or source a replacement cylinder that matches your needs and requirements.

Importance of hydraulics in the industrial setting:

  • Seamless integration of new products in existing manufacturing lines
  • Capable of moving heavy payloads
  • Provides greater force than mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic systems

Marine Industry

The marine industry is considered a sector where quality is of great importance. Here, delays are not welcome, and all systems should work optimally to prevent malfunctions and accidents. A sound working system will ensure that a vessel operates safely and efficiently.

Force Flex Industrial offers trustworthy hydraulic services for the marine industry. From on site repair to scheduled maintenance to reduce downtime, our team has all the capabilities and experience to help you keep your systems working in top condition.

The role of hydraulics in the marine industry:

  • Steering gear and rudder
  • Stabilization systems
  • Passenger and cargo lifts
  • Windlasses
  • Winches
  • Valve systems

We can provide a fast and reliable hydraulic hose repair if you detect any issues with your hydraulic lines or couplings. We'll ensure a leak-free connection to avoid mishaps and delays, which is crucial in these industries.

Military Industry

Hydraulics are also commonly used in military and defense applications due to the extreme strength and high performance it offers in the industry. In terms of creating maximum force with minimal effort.

It allows for better handling of complicated tasks even in challenging conditions, which the military is known for. Precision, reliability, and durability are some elements of why hydraulics are implemented in military systems. Ensuring they work according to standards is critical for the safety of its personnel.

The role of hydraulics in the military industry:

  • Armored combat earthmovers
  • Military recovery vehicles
  • Weapon loaders
  • Military assault bridge
  • Medium mine-protected vehicles

Since the military industry is stringent and requires nothing but the best quality in terms of the systems and equipment they employ during operations, Force Flex Industrial has become a go-to source that the sector relies on for superior results that are second to none.

Commercial Industry

The commercial industry is expansive, covering different sectors, from food processing to construction. It's highly dynamic, and the tasks they require are constantly changing. Having machines that can move without issues is imperative. One of these systems includes hydraulics and pneumatics, which should be maintained to ensure it works up to par.

Since hydraulics are composed of numerous components and parts, finding a reliable source of hydraulic adapters, fittings, and connectors is essential. With our vast range of inventory from Standard, Metric, Japanese, British, and DIN-specification, finding the correct parts for your system is a breeze.

The role of hydraulics in the commercial industry:

  • Back-breaking construction tasks
  • Powering construction cranes
  • Tunneling and mining
  • Installing barriers and fences
  • Power heavy machinery
  • Elevators, log splitters, lifts, and brakes

With the multiple uses and functions of hydraulics, finding the right system to improve your workplace and the various applications is crucial for convenience and efficiency. Even with multiple options available, Force Flex Industrial can aid in repair and fabrication while you focus on running your business.

We'll Come to You to Deliver Quality Services

We can offer on-site services if you require someone to come to your premises for a check-up and diagnose any issues with your hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Don’t worry since our team of experts has all the tools and experience to allow us to work on your equipment.

Our mobile repair service also includes fabrication, where we can make new hose assemblies from scratch. We can also provide a quick turnaround, especially if the parts need to be replaced immediately. 

There’s no room for downtime because it will mean losing profit. With our quick response and speedy solutions, you won't have to worry about that. If you require OEM specific accessories, supplies, and components, we have a wide range of products you can choose from. 

Currently, we have the following:

  • Oil and lubricants
  • Filtration systems
  • Flanges
  • Fittings
  • Quick connect systems
  • Pre-made assemblies

These are ideal for any commercial and industrial application, so rest assured we can provide you with the components you need. Maintenance is an integral part of lengthening the lifespan of your systems, so don't forget to incorporate it.

Trust Force Flex Industrial to Handle Your Hydraulic Needs

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are imperative in today's world, which is why brand leaders and businesses are utilizing them in their operations. Well-known industries rely on it, which means the demand for these systems is enormous. Only professionals are allowed to work on these types of equipment since safety is the ultimate priority, and there's no room for error.

If you're looking for a reputable hydraulic repair service provider, don't hesitate to contact us today. We're experts you can trust with years of insurmountable expertise and skills that have been honed throughout the years. 

Whatever issue you're currently experiencing with your system, choose us as your partner in keeping your systems working correctly. With us, you'll be confident that the job will be done right and up to standards. Reach out now to learn more about our offerings and receive a price that's competitive and an uncompromising professional level of service every step along the way.

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