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In the last few years the automotive industry has been evolving at a breakneck pace. With such explosive growth and high demand comes its own set of challenges. One that is top of mind for every auto mechanic currently is the constant struggle to find virtually any of the correct OEM replacement hoses for the vehicles they work on only to find out that it will take a week at best for it to arrive. In many cases it’s more than 2 weeks out to potentially months depending on the vehicle or worst case scenario if it’s older than 10 years you are increasingly likely to find that automotive hoses become discontinued. We’ve even heard from some local shops of 1 year delivery times from Paccar hose products for heavy duty trucks.

Various fluid and pneumatic systems are ubiquitous in every industry due to their broad application and time tested consistent reliability. Fluid power especially is responsible for providing greater force per unit of measurement then older mechanical and newer electrical systems to date. The automotive sector has relied heavily on its benefits since the early 20th century and even today with the advent of 100% electric vehicles, fluid power systems are still being utilized for brakes, Air Conditioning and a few other features.

OEM & Custom Solutions from Force Flex Industrial

Here at Force Flex, our Hose Division stocks a robust amount of inventory in our 10,000 sq ft warehouse totaling well over 6,000 part numbers located in the capital city and heart of North Carolina. With such a comprehensive inventory on hand, we have become the leading source in the piedmont region for on-demand, and same day availability for OEM hose assembly replacements and custom fabrication services.

Hose Division stocks

Some examples of our automotive applications and use cases are the following:

  • Brake Lines: As an Authorized Brakequip dealer we have on hand the inventory required to build, assemble and bench test to 3000 psi any OEM brake line for your vehicle. We also provide a wide range of styles, color options, design, and install services in addition to building the assembly for custom car builders all across America. Finally, every flexible brake hose is stamped with our DOT number so we can maintain quality control for a product that provides a critical function for your vehicle, being able to stop.
  • Power steering: Hydraulic power steering hoses are typically comprised of 2 hoses:
    • A pressure side that operates around 2500 psi
    • A return line that operates between 30-100 psi. 

Driving without power steering may be an option for some but for the overwhelming majority of us it is what we would call sub-optimal. So we carry every configuration of power steering hose available and the ones we do not as long as your ends are good on your hose we can make you a new OEM quality assembly by reclaiming your old ends.

  • Hydraulic or Air Ride Suspension Systems & Vacuum lines: Air ride a.k.a. Airbag suspension systems are the standard in heavy duty road trucks and off road vehicles and are being used more and more in passenger vehicles to give its occupants the smoothest ride possible. Since the components that make up these systems and vacuum lines for your engine are plastic/nylon hoses and many times inexpensive plastic fittings they are a wear and tear item that usually has only a few years of shelf life before needing replacement or a quick splice with a union to get you up and going. 

Here at Force Flex we stock every size of air tubing and every “push in” or “Push to connect” air fitting in SAE standard and oddball Metric sizes in both regular and State DOT approved specs. We also have on hand just about every air adapter available and in every configuration on the market by the hundreds.

Hydraulic suspension systems typically are found in the custom aftermarket car builder scene. Since the majority of our business is in hydraulic fluid power, and for 10+ years local custom car builders that already utilize us for these needs, one going so far as to have us completely build out a truck taken to SEMA in Las Vegas 2019, we are perfectly positioned to help you with any custom project involving fluid power systems on your vehicle.

  • Air Conditioning: Force Flex Hose is the only Air Conditioning hose specialist in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Folks have traveled to us from all over the state to help them chill out. From the weekend warrior struggling with a discontinued line who we’ve saved from junkyard hopping, to our wonderful truck drivers who haul products across our fruited plain that can’t get an OEM replacement for weeks from the dealer while suffering in the summer heat, or a local restoration shop looking to upgrade a classic car from the outdated R22 refrigerant to the current R134 standard, as a Goodyear + Polar Seal products dealer we have filled the gap and provided on demand OEM & custom hose solutions to keep them cool.
  • Racing Products: For the performance minded gear heads out there we have you covered. Whether you’re installing a turbo, NOS kits, or hi pressure fuel and oil systems, quite often we’ve seen that the hose kits included with the product most often are generic and don’t have the length dialed in or the correct fittings to complete your installation. If you get them from Amazon or other internet sources these ancillary hose kits are an afterthought and are mass produced products from china with no quality control testing at all. When you are going to be the one behind the wheel, the last thing you want is a hose failure on a flammable fluid halfway down the drag strip. That’s why you need a trusted source like the folks here at Force Flex with the know-how and high quality product lines to get you safely across the finish line first. 

We carry all the turbo hoses, stainless clamps & tubing, stainless braided PTFE hoses that can handle any automotive fluid up to 400 degrees running close to the exhaust and many more options to make even a Ford “First On Race Day”.

As the great Ricky Bobby once said “If you’re not first, you’re last!”

The automotive industry can be very demanding when it comes to getting something up and running. The conditions under which your vehicles operate will likely be equally demanding which is why we have partnered with leading manufacturers and distributors to bring you the highest quality products and employ a team who has raised the bar for manufacturing your hose assemblies right the first time. Whether it’s a simple replacement adapter, a custom upfit project, or just a same day OEM replacement, Force Flex Hose should be your first call!

If you have any questions about the products & services including a mobile service that we offer or our product line, feel free to contact us today. We’re ready at any time – including our after-hours team if needed  - to take on your project.

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