Can I Just Replace Fittings?

It may be tempting to try and save money and solve a problem by just replacing fittings on a hose assembly, but this is never recommended. We do not recommend it. The manufacturers don’t recommend it. The fitting company doesn’t think it is a good idea. Get the drift?


It is a recipe for a disaster and even a catastrophic injury. 


You could be risking the safety of the crew. If you must do this it should only be a temporary measure because the equipment is critical. A new hose assembly should be put it as soon as possible. 


We are available with our mobile service to come to your job site and provide a proper fix. 


Replacing fittings only is always a very short term solution. 


You’re not going to regret a new hose because when it is still operating 10 years from now it is one less headache to deal with. Your equipment thanks you. 


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