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Your Guide to Electric Pallet Stackers

Big boxes are often place into an orderly fashion where they can’t be lifted up easily. Big boxes of different dimensions need a special plan to move them safely because they’re so big and heavy. Even if there is a way to move it, hydraulic pumps put too much pressure on the human body to work for hours without getting exhausted – which makes it dangerous for humans. But in the meantime, you need something that will get it done – which is where pallet stackers come in! They provide reliable handling capability with lightweight design, powerful lifting power (without putting stress on your muscles), and an ergonomic design that moves freely without tiring you out quickly. There are three types of these things made specifically for moving large boxes around: the Jumbo Express model, Heavy Duty Stacker model, and Freight Handler model.

Designed for simplifying tasks which require many hands at once, the Pallet Master Stacker is uniquely equipped to work across industrial settings. Incoming supply shipments from various vendors can be handled simultaneously with this one-stop-shop solution, specifically designed for loading trucks from a wide variety of shippers. With an impressive carrying capacity of 4,000 lbs., 60 inches of elevation height and single touch operation for operating through every stage of loading trucks, the Pallet Master Stacker offers you greater productivity than ever before when managing freight deliveries. Long forks measure at 36 to anticipate nearly every potential set up you’ll encounter during handling all types of materials – they will securely take on heavy loads while remaining perfectly balanced because they use less effort. Like any machine, it needs its wheels rolling smoothly so make sure the surface below them doesn’t impede their work!

For those requiring less heavy lifting, we recommend the Counter-Balanced Pallet Master. Equipped with a 7 pound capability weight, the Counter-Balanced Pallet Master is designed to move heavy products easily. With its 11 inch height, you can reach stacks without causing damage. Adjustable forks ranging from 8 inches up to 28 inches make this machine customizable to your needs as well. Whether you are looking for 12V DC power, 115V AC power or air oil operated units – our team has you covered! In addition, these machines come equipped with safety features that let you control them effortlessly–from a comfort of 10 feet away thanks to our remote controlled pendant attached directly onto the machine via an 8 foot coiled cable which gives operators control no matter how far they are operating the equipment.

The Counter-Balanced Pallet Stacker functions just like its name suggests. In addition to being able to move small loads from one place to another without the need of an oversized fork truck, it also allows for workers to access the load from three different sides of the pallet server. In the front, the end is open, and this enables the forks to be next to the workstation for easy loading and unloading. The unit includes a standard 12 Volt DC power lift with an on-board charger, and it includes a counterbalance as well. Push buttons on the power unit make it easy for workers to raise and lower the lift. Easy Rack can also provide an optional hand control on coil cord if requested. The Counter-Balanced Pallet Stacker also features superior security by means of a key operated ON/OFF control built into the power unit.

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