Tompkins Brass Flares, Nuts, and Misc.

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Part#DescriptionProduct GroupList
100-0202 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$5.50
100-0303 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$2.06
100-0404 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$2.05
100-0505 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$2.72
100-0606 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$3.55
100-0808 INVERTED FLARE NUT-BRASSBrass Inverted Flare$9.62
105-0202 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$2.05
105-0303 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$0.66
105-0404 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$0.66
105-0505 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$0.78
105-0606 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$1.44
105-0808 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$2.30
105-1010 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$6.34
105-1212 INVERTED FLARE NUT-STEELBrass Inverted Flare$10.88
131-0303 INVERTED FLARE HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Inverted Flare$2.36
131-0404 INVERTED FLARE HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Inverted Flare$2.87
131-0505 INVERTED FLARE HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Inverted Flare$1.79
131-0606 INVERTED FLARE HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Inverted Flare$5.86
131-0808 INVERTED FLARE HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Inverted Flare$17.64
0202-02-0202 INVERTED FLARE-02MPBrass Inverted Flare$2.68
0202-03-0203 INVERTED FLARE-02MPBrass Inverted Flare$1.65
0202-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02MPBrass Inverted Flare$1.68
0202-04-0404 INVERTED FLARE-04MPBrass Inverted Flare$2.58
0202-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02MPBrass Inverted Flare$2.49
0202-05-0405 INVERTED FLARE-04MPBrass Inverted Flare$2.61
0202-06-0206 INVERTED FLARE-02MPBrass Inverted Flare$3.64
0202-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04MPBrass Inverted Flare$3.35
0202-06-0606 INVERTED FLARE-06MPBrass Inverted Flare$4.57
0202-08-0408 INVERTED FLARE-04MPBrass Inverted Flare$7.46
0202-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06MPBrass Inverted Flare$5.28
0202-08-0808 INVERTED FLARE-08MPBrass Inverted Flare$6.54
0202-10-0810 INVERTED FLARE-08MPBrass Inverted Flare$12.00
0202-12-1212 INVERTED FLARE-12MPBrass Inverted Flare$50.31
0252-03-0203 INVERTED FLARE-02FPBrass Inverted Flare$3.26
0252-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02FPBrass Inverted Flare$3.44
0252-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02FPBrass Inverted Flare$4.17
0252-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04FPBrass Inverted Flare$6.78
0252-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06FPBrass Inverted Flare$21.62
0252-10-0810 INVERTED FLARE-08FPBrass Inverted Flare$43.60
0252-10-1210 INVERTED FLARE-12FPBrass Inverted Flare$21.66
0302-02-0202 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$4.94
0302-03-0303 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$2.33
0302-04-0404 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$2.44
0302-05-0505 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$2.64
0302-06-0606 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$4.75
0302-08-0808 INVERTED FLARE UNIONBrass Inverted Flare$20.91
0352-03-0203 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$23.70
0352-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$20.13
0352-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$13.14
0352-05-0405 INVERTED FLARE-04MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$66.14
0352-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$17.28
0352-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06MP 45Brass Inverted Flare$25.53
0402-02-0202 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$7.25
0402-03-0203 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$3.78
0402-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$6.64
0402-04-0404 INVERTED FLARE-04MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$12.21
0402-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$7.01
0402-05-0405 INVERTED FLARE-04MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$13.28
0402-06-0206 INVERTED FLARE-02MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$13.17
0402-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$13.15
0402-06-0606 INVERTED FLARE-06MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$16.97
0402-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$14.96
0402-08-0808 INVERTED FLARE-08MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$22.90
0402-10-0810 INVERTED FLARE-08MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$28.26
0402-12-1212 INVERTED FLARE-12MP 90Brass Inverted Flare$83.93
0452-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02FP 90Brass Inverted Flare$10.10
0452-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02FP 90Brass Inverted Flare$12.36
0452-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04FP 90Brass Inverted Flare$16.41
0452-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06FP 90Brass Inverted Flare$17.88
0502-04-0404 INVERTED FLARE UNION 90Brass Inverted Flare$19.07
0502-05-0505 INVERTED FLARE UNION 90Brass Inverted Flare$46.83
0502-06-0606 INVERTED FLARE UNION 90Brass Inverted Flare$9.88
602-03-03-0203 INVERTED FLARE-02MP TEEBrass Inverted Flare$11.12
602-04-04-0204 INVERTED FLARE-02MP TEEBrass Inverted Flare$14.31
602-05-05-0205 INVERTED FLARE-02MP TEEBrass Inverted Flare$15.92
602-06-06-0406 INVERTED FLARE-04MP TEEBrass Inverted Flare$78.19
602-08-08-0608 INVERTED FLARE-06MP TEEBrass Inverted Flare$34.48
702-03-03-0303 INVERTED FLARE UNION TEEBrass Inverted Flare$10.31
702-04-04-0404 INVERTED FLARE UNION TEEBrass Inverted Flare$9.04
702-05-05-0505 INVERTED FLARE UNION TEEBrass Inverted Flare$15.62
702-06-06-0606 INVERTED FLARE UNION TEEBrass Inverted Flare$21.24
702-08-08-0808 INVERTED FLARE UNION TEEBrass Inverted Flare$41.03
752-03-02-0303 INVERTED FLARE-02MP RUN TEEBrass Inverted Flare$46.40
752-04-02-0404 INVERTED FLARE-02MP RUN TEEBrass Inverted Flare$77.11
752-05-02-0505 INVERTED FLARE-02MP RUN TEEBrass Inverted Flare$22.53
752-06-04-0606 INVERTED FLARE-04MP RUN TEEBrass Inverted Flare$33.50
752-08-06-0808 INVERTED FLARE-06MP RUN TEEBrass Inverted Flare$76.69
3120-0202FP LOCK NUTBrass Pipe$2.05
3120-0404FP LOCK NUTBrass Pipe$3.28
3120-0606FP LOCK NUTBrass Pipe$3.81
3120-0808FP LOCK NUTBrass Pipe$4.31
3120-1212FP LOCK NUTBrass Pipe$16.56
3129-0202FP CAPBrass Pipe$1.73
3129-0404FP CAPBrass Pipe$2.33
3129-0606FP CAPBrass Pipe$4.91
3129-0808FP CAPBrass Pipe$9.20
3129-1212FP CAPBrass Pipe$15.49
3149-0101MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$2.59
3149-0202MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$1.18
3149-0404MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$1.96
3149-0606MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$2.26
3149-0808MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$4.44
3149-1212MP HOLLOW HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$9.20
3150-0202MP SLOTTED PLUGBrass Pipe$1.54
3150-0404MP SLOTTED PLUGBrass Pipe$2.51
3150-0606MP SLOTTED PLUGBrass Pipe$4.92
3151-0202MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$0.93
3151-0404MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$1.64
3151-0606MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$3.21
3151-0808MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$4.53
3151-1212MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$9.40
3151-1616MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$27.13
3151-2020MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$28.12
3151-2424MP SQUARE HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$35.87
3152-0101MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$6.15
3152-0202MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$0.99
3152-0404MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$1.64
3152-0606MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$2.18
3152-0808MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$4.65
3152-1212MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$8.18
3152-1616MP HEX HEAD PLUGBrass Pipe$24.54
47484902MP-02FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$1.73
47485102MP-04FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$3.33
47485302MP-06FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$10.69
47491104MP-04FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$3.59
47491304MP-06FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$4.48
47491504MP-08FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$11.21
47497406MP-06FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$5.92
47497606MP-08FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$6.22
47503708MP-08FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$8.51
47504108MP-12FP EXPANDERBrass Pipe$19.76
47516312MP-12FP EXPANDER - 1.375 HEXBrass Pipe$18.36
48221404MP-02FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$1.52
48227506MP-02FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$2.30
48227706MP-04FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$2.05
48233608MP-02FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$4.96
48233808MP-04FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$4.08
48234008MP-06FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$3.51
48245812MP-02FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$16.67
48246012MP-04FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$6.31
48246212MP-06FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$8.51
48246412MP-08FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$5.46
3220-16-0416MP-04FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$18.84
3220-16-0616MP-06FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$18.08
3220-16-0816MP-08FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$18.69
3220-16-1216MP-12FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$11.12
3220-20-0820MP-08FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$61.14
3220-20-1220MP-12FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$52.68
3220-20-1620MP-16FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$50.62
3220-24-0424MP-04FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$59.92
3220-24-1224MP-12FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$64.49
3220-24-1624MP-16FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$52.73
3220-32-1232MP-12FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$87.47
3220-32-1632MP-16FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$104.97
3220-32-2032MP-20FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$110.30
3220-32-2432MP-24FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$78.17
3220-40-2440MP-24FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$129.60
3220-40-3240MP-32FP HEX REDUCERBrass Pipe$156.27
49311202FP-02FPXBrass Pipe$49.08
49317304FP-04FPXBrass Pipe$41.03
49323606FP-06FPXBrass Pipe$72.60
49329908FP-08FPXBrass Pipe$71.44
49342512FP-12FPXBrass Pipe$78.17
3250-16-1616FP-16FPXBrass Pipe$84.75
3250-20-2020FP-20FPXBrass Pipe$124.13
3250-24-2424FP-24FPXBrass Pipe$146.49
51137402FP-02FPBrass Pipe$2.05
51143304FP-02FPBrass Pipe$4.23
51143504FP-04FPBrass Pipe$4.25
51149406FP-02FPBrass Pipe$6.56
51149606FP-04FPBrass Pipe$5.28
51149806FP-06FPBrass Pipe$4.48
51155708FP-04FPBrass Pipe$9.69
51155908FP-06FPBrass Pipe$9.33
51156108FP-08FPBrass Pipe$7.79
51168112FP-06FPBrass Pipe$54.81
51168312FP-08FPBrass Pipe$24.82
51168712FP-12FPBrass Pipe$14.02
3300-16-1616FP-16FPBrass Pipe$41.73
3300-BH-02-1.502FP-02FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$13.38
3300-BH-04-0.9404FP-04FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$16.78
3300-BH-04-1.504FP-04FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$18.59
3300-BH-06-1.3106FP-06FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$26.16
3300-BH-08-1.508FP-08FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$24.30
3300-BH-12-1.512FP-12FP BULKHEADBrass Pipe$165.11
52050502MP-02MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$1.69
52056404MP-02MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$2.37
52056604MP-04MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$2.38
52062506MP-02MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$5.32
52062706MP-04MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$3.83
52062906MP-06MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$3.73
52068808MP-04MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$6.92
52069008MP-06MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$6.49
52069208MP-08MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$6.23
52081212MP-06MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$99.25
52081412MP-08MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$8.64
52081812MP-12MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$8.18
3325-16-0816MP-08MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$66.23
3325-16-1216MP-12MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$66.26
3325-16-1616MP-16MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$23.31
3325-20-2020MP-20MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$68.27
3325-32-2432MP-24MP HEX NIPPLEBrass Pipe$134.79
52087002MP-02MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$0.84
52093104MP-04MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$1.26
52099406MP-06MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$2.50
52105708MP-08MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$3.41
52118312MP-12MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$8.23
3326-16-1616MP-16MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$26.90
3326-20-2020MP-20MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$37.21
3326-24-2424MP-24MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$72.49
3326-32-3232MP-32MP CLOSE NIPPLEBrass Pipe$110.41
3327-02-02-1.502MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 1.5"Brass Pipe$2.18
3327-02-02-2.002MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 2.0"Brass Pipe$3.15
3327-02-02-2.502MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 2.5"Brass Pipe$3.66
3327-02-02-3.002MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 3.0"Brass Pipe$8.23
3327-02-02-3.502MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 3.5"Brass Pipe$11.08
3327-02-02-4.002MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 4.0"Brass Pipe$12.95
3327-02-02-6.002MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 6.0"Brass Pipe$22.93
3327-02-02-8.002MP-02MP LONG NIPPLE 8.0"Brass Pipe$25.40
3327-04-04-1.504MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 1.5"Brass Pipe$2.43
3327-04-04-10.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 10.0"Brass Pipe$48.71
3327-04-04-2.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 2.0"Brass Pipe$2.71
3327-04-04-2.504MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 2.5"Brass Pipe$3.89
3327-04-04-3.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 3.0"Brass Pipe$7.07
3327-04-04-3.504MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 3.5"Brass Pipe$12.67
3327-04-04-4.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 4.0"Brass Pipe$17.92
3327-04-04-6.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 6.0"Brass Pipe$25.85
3327-04-04-8.004MP-04MP LONG NIPPLE 8.0"Brass Pipe$32.30
3327-06-06-1.506MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 1.5"Brass Pipe$4.43
3327-06-06-2.006MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 2.0"Brass Pipe$5.67
3327-06-06-2.506MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 2.5"Brass Pipe$6.59
3327-06-06-3.006MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 3.0"Brass Pipe$12.71
3327-06-06-4.006MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 4.0"Brass Pipe$22.25
3327-06-06-6.006MP-06MP LONG NIPPLE 6.0"Brass Pipe$43.85
3327-08-08-1.508MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 1.5"Brass Pipe$11.69
3327-08-08-2.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 2.0"Brass Pipe$11.91
3327-08-08-2.508MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 2.5"Brass Pipe$13.97
3327-08-08-3.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 3.0"Brass Pipe$15.93
3327-08-08-3.508MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 3.5"Brass Pipe$26.83
3327-08-08-4.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 4.0"Brass Pipe$39.24
3327-08-08-4.508MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 4.5"Brass Pipe$46.87
3327-08-08-5.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 5.00"Brass Pipe$46.87
3327-08-08-5.508MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 5.5"Brass Pipe$46.87
3327-08-08-6.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 6.0"Brass Pipe$62.85
3327-08-08-7.008MP-08MP LONG NIPPLE 7.0"Brass Pipe$60.17
3327-12-12-10.012MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 10.0"Brass Pipe$86.43
3327-12-12-2.012MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 2.0"Brass Pipe$28.67
3327-12-12-2.512MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 2.5"Brass Pipe$24.44
3327-12-12-3.012MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 3.0"Brass Pipe$34.86
3327-12-12-3.512MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 3.5"Brass Pipe$43.09
3327-12-12-6.012MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 6.0"Brass Pipe$73.12
3327-12-12-8.012MP-12MP LONG NIPPLE 8.0"Brass Pipe$87.73
3327-16-16-18.016MP-16MP LONG NIPPLE 18.0"Brass Pipe$85.28
52963602MP-02FP 45Brass Pipe$5.74
52969704MP-04FP 45Brass Pipe$7.15
52976006MP-06FP 45Brass Pipe$10.46
52982308MP-08FP 45Brass Pipe$14.34
52994912MP-12FP 45Brass Pipe$44.11
3350-16-1616MP-16FP 45Brass Pipe$59.92
54424602MP-02MP 90Brass Pipe$5.93
54430504MP-02MP 90Brass Pipe$11.49
54430704MP-04MP 90Brass Pipe$6.64
54436806MP-04MP 90Brass Pipe$11.50
54437006MP-06MP 90Brass Pipe$11.50
54443308MP-08MP 90Brass Pipe$19.34
54789802MP-02FP 90Brass Pipe$4.16
3400-02-02-W02MP-02FP SHORT 90Brass Pipe$2.80
54790002MP-04FP 90Brass Pipe$7.67
54795704MP-02FP 90Brass Pipe$11.55
54795904MP-04FP 90Brass Pipe$6.07
3400-04-04-W04MP-04FP SHORT 90Brass Pipe$5.07
54796104MP-06FP 90Brass Pipe$15.04
54802006MP-04FP 90Brass Pipe$12.62
54802206MP-06FP 90Brass Pipe$13.49
3400-06-06-W06MP-06FP SHORT 90Brass Pipe$7.85
54808308MP-06FP 90Brass Pipe$31.96
54808508MP-08FP 90Brass Pipe$21.08
3400-08-08-W08MP-08FP SHORT 90Brass Pipe$22.24
54821112MP-12FP 90Brass Pipe$29.02
58442202FP-02FP 90Brass Pipe$4.91
58448104FP-02FP 90Brass Pipe$15.34
58448304FP-04FP 90Brass Pipe$8.55
58454406FP-04FP 90Brass Pipe$17.24
58454606FP-06FP 90Brass Pipe$9.33
58460908FP-08FP 90Brass Pipe$17.85
58473512FP-12FP 90Brass Pipe$44.19
3500-16-1616FP-16FP 90Brass Pipe$46.18
3600-02-02-0202FP-02FP-02MP TEEBrass Pipe$5.13
3600-04-04-0404FP-04FP-04MP TEEBrass Pipe$10.19
3600-06-06-0606FP-06FP-06MP TEEBrass Pipe$15.93
3600-08-08-0808FP-08FP-08MP TEEBrass Pipe$32.71
3600-12-12-1212FP-12FP-12MP TEEBrass Pipe$52.61
3700-02-02-0202FP-02FP-02FP TEEBrass Pipe$6.02
3700-04-04-0404FP-04FP-04FP TEEBrass Pipe$8.18
3700-06-06-0606FP-06FP-06FP TEEBrass Pipe$12.85
3700-08-08-0608FP-08FP-06FP TEEBrass Pipe$28.11
3700-08-08-0808FP-08FP-08FP TEEBrass Pipe$19.40
3700-12-12-0812FP-12FP-08FP TEEBrass Pipe$57.80
3700-12-12-1212FP-12FP-12FP TEEBrass Pipe$38.96
3700-20-20-2020FP-20FP-20FP TEEBrass Pipe$91.72
3750-02-02-0202FP-02MP-02FP TEEBrass Pipe$6.07
3750-04-04-0404FP-04MP-04FP TEEBrass Pipe$12.38
3750-06-06-0606FP-06MP-06FP TEEBrass Pipe$14.34
3750-08-08-0808FP-08MP-08FP TEEBrass Pipe$22.61
3750-12-12-1212FP-12MP-12FP TEEBrass Pipe$50.40
3900-02-02-0202MP-02MP-02MP TEEBrass Pipe$11.18
3900-04-04-0404MP-04MP-04MP TEEBrass Pipe$10.75
3900-06-06-0606MP-06MP-06MP TEEBrass Pipe$20.23
3900-08-08-0808MP-08MP-08MP TEEBrass Pipe$21.12
3900-12-12-1212MP-12MP-12MP TEEBrass Pipe$69.90
3950-02-02-02-0202FP CROSSBrass Pipe$12.43
3950-04-04-04-0404FP CROSSBrass Pipe$12.20
3950-06-06-06-0606FP CROSSBrass Pipe$23.82
3950-08-08-08-0808FP CROSSBrass Pipe$36.12
3950-12-12-12-1212FP CROSSBrass Pipe$117.52
3950-20-20-20-2020FP CROSSBrass Pipe$148.09
BV-0808MP BREATHER VENT PLUGBrass Pipe$12.10
260P-0404PF NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$0.71
260P-0505PF NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$2.45
260P-0606PF NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$1.28
260P-0808PF NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$1.53
260PB-0202PF BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$4.62
260PB-0404PF BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$1.98
260PB-0505PF BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$3.91
260PB-0606PF BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$2.47
260PB-0808PF BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$2.99
261P-0404PF NUT-NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$1.64
261P-0505PF NUT-NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$4.91
261P-0606PF NUT-NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$1.79
261P-0808PF NUT-NYLON SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$7.35
261PB-0202PF NUT-BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$6.02
261PB-0404PF NUT-BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$4.12
261PB-0606PF NUT-BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$6.27
261PB-0808PF NUT-BRASS SLEEVEBrass Poly Flow$9.41
261U-0202PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$2.80
261U-0303PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$2.57
261U-0404PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$2.61
261U-0505PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$4.38
261U-0606PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$1.83
261U-0808PF NUTBrass Poly Flow$7.26
262P-02-0202PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$17.60
262P-03-0303PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$14.88
262P-04-0404PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$9.67
262P-05-0505PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$21.82
262P-06-0606PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$10.68
262P-08-0808PF UNIONBrass Poly Flow$30.93
264P-02-02-0202PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$32.63
264P-03-03-0303PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$26.45
264P-04-04-0404PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$11.36
264P-05-05-0505PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$23.47
264P-06-06-0606PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$28.86
264P-08-08-0808PF UNION TEEBrass Poly Flow$36.39
266P-02-0202PF-02FPBrass Poly Flow$38.39
266P-04-0204PF-02FPBrass Poly Flow$15.87
266P-04-0404PF-04FPBrass Poly Flow$15.59
266P-05-0205PF-02FPBrass Poly Flow$17.52
266P-06-0406PF-04FPBrass Poly Flow$20.08
266P-08-0608PF-06FPBrass Poly Flow$27.49
268P-02-0202PF-02MPBrass Poly Flow$8.93
268P-02-10/3202PF-10/32MPBrass Poly Flow$8.18
268P-03-0203PF-02MPBrass Poly Flow$8.13
268P-04-0104PF-01MPBrass Poly Flow$12.62
268P-04-0204PF-02MPBrass Poly Flow$6.96
268P-04-0404PF-04MPBrass Poly Flow$9.16
268P-04-0604PF-06MPBrass Poly Flow$17.66
268P-04-10/3204PF-10/32MPBrass Poly Flow$21.83
268P-05-0205PF-02MPBrass Poly Flow$9.90
268P-05-0405PF-04MPBrass Poly Flow$11.10
268P-06-0206PF-02MPBrass Poly Flow$22.47
268P-06-0406PF-04MPBrass Poly Flow$14.35
268P-06-0606PF-06MPBrass Poly Flow$17.20
268P-08-0608PF-06MPBrass Poly Flow$19.57
268P-08-0808PF-08MPBrass Poly Flow$31.23
269P-02-0202PF-02MP 90Brass Poly Flow$11.59
269P-03-0203PF-02MP 90Brass Poly Flow$11.91
269P-04-0104PF-01MP 90Brass Poly Flow$33.50
269P-04-0204PF-02MP 90Brass Poly Flow$8.68
269P-04-0404PF-04MP 90Brass Poly Flow$10.19
269P-04-0604PF-06MP 90Brass Poly Flow$79.43
269P-05-0205PF-02MP 90Brass Poly Flow$9.65
269P-06-0206PF-02MP 90Brass Poly Flow$15.90
269P-06-0406PF-04MP 90Brass Poly Flow$14.74
269P-06-0606PF-06MP 90Brass Poly Flow$17.57
269P-08-0608PF-06MP 90Brass Poly Flow$24.71
270P-04-0204PF-02FP 90Brass Poly Flow$12.20
270P-04-0404PF-04FP 90Brass Poly Flow$19.66
270P-05-0205PF-02FP 90Brass Poly Flow$18.13
270P-06-0406PF-04FP 90Brass Poly Flow$19.30
270P-08-0608PF-06FP 90Brass Poly Flow$27.49
271P-02-02-0202PF-02MP-02PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$97.19
271P-04-02-0404PF-02MP-04PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$24.71
271P-04-04-0404PF-04MP-04PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$30.46
271P-05-02-0505PF-02MP-05PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$54.68
271P-06-02-0606PF-02MP-06PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$17.27
271P-06-04-0606PF-04MP-06PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$30.31
271P-08-06-0808PF-06MP-08PF TEEBrass Poly Flow$68.33
272P-02-02-0202PF-02PF-02MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$35.10
272P-04-04-0204PF-04PF-02MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$23.96
272P-04-04-0404PF-04PF-04MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$33.94
272P-05-05-0205PF-05PF-02MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$45.74
272P-06-06-0206PF-06PF-02MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$28.74
272P-06-06-0406PF-06PF-04MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$26.75
272P-08-08-0608PF-08PF-06MP TEEBrass Poly Flow$66.81
282P-04-0404PF-04PF BULKHEAD UNIONBrass Poly Flow$23.07
282P-05-0505PF-05PF BULKHEAD UNIONBrass Poly Flow$24.89
282P-06-0606PF-06PF BULKHEAD UNIONBrass Poly Flow$26.11
282P-08-0808PF-08PF BULKHEAD UNIONBrass Poly Flow$59.41
262PP-02.5-02.502.5PP-02.5PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$12.34
262PP-02-0202PP-02PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$12.35
262PP-04-0404PP-04PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$14.46
262PP-05-0505PP-05PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$18.70
262PP-06-0606PP-06PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$17.33
262PP-08-0808PP-08PP UNIONBrass Poly Push$23.49
263PP-04-0204PP-02PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$14.72
263PP-05-0405PP-04PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$13.91
263PP-06-0206PP-02PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$21.07
263PP-06-0406PP-04PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$24.15
263PP-08-0408PP-04PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$17.97
263PP-08-0608PP-06PP REDUCER UNIONBrass Poly Push$22.47
264PP-02.5-02.5-02.502.5PP-02.5PP-02.5PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$21.25
264PP-02-02-0202PP-02PP-02PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$22.05
264PP-04-04-0404PP-04PP-04PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$20.83
264PP-05-05-0505PP-05PP-05PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$24.39
264PP-06-06-0606PP-06PP-06PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$23.59
264PP-08-08-0808PP-08PP-08PP UNION TEEBrass Poly Push$33.31
265PP-02.5-02.502.5PP-02.5PP UNION 90Brass Poly Push$16.87
265PP-04-0404PP-04PP UNION 90Brass Poly Push$14.84
265PP-05-0505PP-05PP UNION 90Brass Poly Push$28.12
265PP-06-0606PP-06PP UNION 90Brass Poly Push$20.83
265PP-08-0808PP-08PP UNION 90Brass Poly Push$32.27
266PP-02.5-0202.5PP-02FPBrass Poly Push$20.73
266PP-02-0202PP-02FPBrass Poly Push$22.37
266PP-04-0204PP-02FPBrass Poly Push$14.90
266PP-04-0404PP-04FPBrass Poly Push$20.59
266PP-06-0406PP-04FPBrass Poly Push$28.79
266PP-06-0606PP-06FPBrass Poly Push$31.64
268PP-02.5-0202.5PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$11.54
268PP-02.5-0402.5PP-04MPBrass Poly Push$21.16
268PP-02.5-10/3202.5PP-10/32MPBrass Poly Push$8.24
268PP-02-0102PP-01MPBrass Poly Push$17.04
268PP-02-0202PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$13.77
268PP-02-10/3202PP-10/32MPBrass Poly Push$12.00
268PP-03-0203PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$15.41
268PP-04-0104PP-01MPBrass Poly Push$19.68
268PP-04-0204PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$8.21
268PP-04-0404PP-04MPBrass Poly Push$8.89
268PP-04-0604PP-06MPBrass Poly Push$16.55
268PP-04-10/3204PP-10/32MPBrass Poly Push$13.78
268PP-05-0205PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$14.64
268PP-05-0405PP-04MPBrass Poly Push$15.40
268PP-06-0206PP-02MPBrass Poly Push$12.03
268PP-06-0406PP-04MPBrass Poly Push$11.53
268PP-06-0606PP-06MPBrass Poly Push$13.41
268PP-06-0806PP-08MPBrass Poly Push$21.36
268PP-08-0408PP-04MPBrass Poly Push$19.02
268PP-08-0608PP-06MPBrass Poly Push$15.97
268PP-08-0808PP-08MPBrass Poly Push$25.27
269PP-02.5-0202.5PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$10.76
269PP-02-0202PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$13.04
269PP-03-0203PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$14.70
269PP-04-0204PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$9.69
269PP-04-0404PP-04MP 90Brass Poly Push$11.06
269PP-04-0604PP-06MP 90Brass Poly Push$17.03
269PP-05-0205PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$21.03
269PP-05-0405PP-04MP 90Brass Poly Push$22.92
269PP-06-0206PP-02MP 90Brass Poly Push$13.85
269PP-06-0406PP-04MP 90Brass Poly Push$13.15
269PP-06-0606PP-06MP 90Brass Poly Push$17.98
269PP-08-0608PP-06MP 90Brass Poly Push$18.70
269PP-08-0808PP-08MP 90Brass Poly Push$24.20
270PP-02.5-0202.5PP-02FP 90Brass Poly Push$14.27
270PP-04-0204PP-02FP 90Brass Poly Push$17.14
270PP-04-0404PP-04FP 90Brass Poly Push$20.82
270PP-06-0406PP-04FP 90Brass Poly Push$22.52
271PP-02.5-02-02.502.5PP-02MPX-02.5PP TEEBrass Poly Push$23.59
271PP-04-02-0404PP-02MPX-04PP TEEBrass Poly Push$23.35
271PP-04-04-0404PP-04MPX-04PP TEEBrass Poly Push$25.98
271PP-06-04-0606PP-04MPX-06PP TEEBrass Poly Push$32.27
271PP-08-06-0808PP-06MPX-08PP TEEBrass Poly Push$52.37
271PP-08-08-0808PP-08MPX-08PP TEEBrass Poly Push$60.17
272PP-02.5-02.5-0202.5PP-02.5PP-02MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$23.59
272PP-02-02-0202PP-02PP-02MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$20.76
272PP-04-04-0204PP-04PP-02MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$22.47
272PP-04-04-0404PP-04PP-04MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$26.31
272PP-05-05-0205PP-05PP-02MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$52.02
272PP-06-06-0406PP-06PP-04MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$29.88
272PP-06-06-0606PP-06PP-06MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$31.10
272PP-08-08-0608PP-08PP-06MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$43.44
272PP-08-08-0808PP-08PP-08MPX TEEBrass Poly Push$55.76
279PP-02.5-0202.5PP-02MPX 90Brass Poly Push$14.67
279PP-02.5-0402.5PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$22.07
279PP-02-0202PP-02MPX 90Brass Poly Push$13.86
279PP-02-0402PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$13.32
279PP-04-0204PP-02MPX 90Brass Poly Push$14.93
279PP-04-0404PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$15.50
279PP-05-0205PP-02MPX 90Brass Poly Push$24.69
279PP-05-0405PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$29.38
279PP-06-0206PP-02MPX 90Brass Poly Push$24.38
279PP-06-0406PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$19.49
279PP-06-0606PP-06MPX 90Brass Poly Push$21.65
279PP-06-0806PP-08MPX 90Brass Poly Push$32.99
279PP-08-0408PP-04MPX 90Brass Poly Push$38.28
279PP-08-0608PP-06MPX 90Brass Poly Push$26.23
279PP-08-0808PP-08MPX 90Brass Poly Push$28.76
282PP-02.5-02.502.5PP-02.5PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$20.27
282PP-02-0202PP-02PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$28.56
282PP-04-0404PP-04PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$29.06
282PP-05-0505PP-05PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$29.88
282PP-06-0606PP-06PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$31.06
282PP-08-0808PP-08PP BULKHEADBrass Poly Push$49.89
284PP-0202PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$2.38
284PP-02.502.5PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$3.28
284PP-0404PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$2.89
284PP-0505PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$7.01
284PP-0606PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$6.92
284PP-0808PP TUBE PLUGBrass Poly Push$9.26
87667704 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$2.71
87670805 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.72
87674006 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.42
87680308 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.38
87686610 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.29
87692912 PUSH-ON SPLICERBrass Push-On Hose Barb$10.98
87704204 PUSH-ON-04FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$11.47
87704304 PUSH-ON-05FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$10.25
87704404 PUSH-ON-06FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.39
87707405 PUSH-ON-06FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.37
87710506 PUSH-ON-06FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.39
87710706 PUSH-ON-08FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$25.76
87716608 PUSH-ON-06FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$23.36
87716808 PUSH-ON-08FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.52
87717008 PUSH-ON-10FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$23.36
87722910 PUSH-ON-08FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$25.74
87723110 PUSH-ON-10FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$25.74
87729412 PUSH-ON-12FSAE 45 DEG SWIVEL STRAIGHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$14.95
87777104 PUSH-ON-03 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$13.30
87777204 PUSH-ON-04 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.55
87777304 PUSH-ON-05 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.94
87780205 PUSH-ON-04 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$11.92
87780305 PUSH-ON-05 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.07
87780405 PUSH-ON-06 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.10
87783406 PUSH-ON-05 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.48
87783506 PUSH-ON-06 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.32
87783706 PUSH-ON-08 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$20.67
87789808 PUSH-ON-08 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$9.54
87796110 PUSH-ON-10 MALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$48.80
87850204 PUSH-ON-03 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$18.05
87850304 PUSH-ON-04 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$12.83
87850404 PUSH-ON-05 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$19.95
87856506 PUSH-ON-05 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$22.14
87856606 PUSH-ON-06 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$13.81
87862908 PUSH-ON-08 FEMALE INVERTEDBrass Push-On Hose Barb$55.35
88069404 PUSH-ON-04FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$3.05
88069504 PUSH-ON-05FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$3.90
88069604 PUSH-ON-06FJX SINGLE SEAT 37Brass Push-On Hose Barb$3.89
88072505 PUSH-ON-05FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$12.43
88075606 PUSH-ON-05FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$33.65
88075706 PUSH-ON-06FJX SINGLE SEAT 37Brass Push-On Hose Barb$3.92
88075906 PUSH-ON-08FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$5.85
88082008 PUSH-ON-08FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$5.85
88082208 PUSH-ON-10FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$7.89
88088110 PUSH-ON-08FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$11.75
88088310 PUSH-ON-10FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$10.57
88094412 PUSH-ON-10FJX DUAL SEAT 37/45Brass Push-On Hose Barb$13.49
88094612 PUSH-ON-12FJX SINGLE SEAT 37Brass Push-On Hose Barb$12.16
4311-16-1616 PUSH-ON-16FJX SINGLE SEAT 37Brass Push-On Hose Barb$32.66
88105804 PUSH-ON-02MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$2.02
88106004 PUSH-ON-04MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$2.75
88106204 PUSH-ON-06MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.01
88108805 PUSH-ON-02MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$11.06
88109005 PUSH-ON-04MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.02
88111906 PUSH-ON-02MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.23
88112106 PUSH-ON-04MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$2.77
88112306 PUSH-ON-06MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.36
88112506 PUSH-ON-08MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.08
88118208 PUSH-ON-04MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$3.97
88118408 PUSH-ON-06MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.05
88118608 PUSH-ON-08MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.00
88119008 PUSH-ON-12MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$9.59
88124510 PUSH-ON-06MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$19.20
88124710 PUSH-ON-08MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.00
88125110 PUSH-ON-12MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$13.29
88130812 PUSH-ON-08MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$11.37
88131212 PUSH-ON-12MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$10.59
4312-16-1616 PUSH-ON-16MPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$30.25
88142504 PUSH-ON-04MJBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.34
88142604 PUSH-ON-05MJBrass Push-On Hose Barb$12.23
88142704 PUSH-ON-06MJBrass Push-On Hose Barb$19.80
88148806 PUSH-ON-06MJBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.89
4313-06-06-SAE06 PUSH-ON-06MSAEBrass Push-On Hose Barb$13.31
88155108 PUSH-ON-08MJBrass Push-On Hose Barb$18.07
88215304 PUSH-ON-02FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$2.84
88215504 PUSH-ON-04FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.06
88218505 PUSH-ON-04FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.37
88221606 PUSH-ON-04FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.43
88221806 PUSH-ON-06FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$4.83
88227908 PUSH-ON-06FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.21
88228108 PUSH-ON-08FPBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.84
88398104 PUSH-ON-03 STANDPIPEBrass Push-On Hose Barb$15.56
88398204 PUSH-ON-04 STANDPIPEBrass Push-On Hose Barb$8.55
88401305 PUSH-ON-05 STANDPIPEBrass Push-On Hose Barb$19.57
88404506 PUSH-ON-06 STANDPIPEBrass Push-On Hose Barb$9.30
88763404 PUSH-ON-04FJX 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$44.50
88769706 PUSH-ON-06FJX 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$54.25
88776008 PUSH-ON-08FJX 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$54.70
88782310 PUSH-ON-10FJX 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$130.87
88788612 PUSH-ON-12FJX 90 1.89" DROP LENGTHBrass Push-On Hose Barb$82.78
90954704 PUSH-ON-02MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$14.26
90954904 PUSH-ON-04MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$13.65
90960806 PUSH-ON-02MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$19.91
90961006 PUSH-ON-04MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$10.05
90961206 PUSH-ON-06MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$12.34
90961406 PUSH-ON-08MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$23.31
90967308 PUSH-ON-06MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$23.07
90967508 PUSH-ON-08MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$24.47
90973610 PUSH-ON-08MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$30.25
90974010 PUSH-ON-12MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$42.71
90980112 PUSH-ON-12MP 90Brass Push-On Hose Barb$46.90
LS-4312-04-0404 PUSH-ON-04MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$5.89
LS-4312-06-0406 PUSH-ON-04MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$6.24
LS-4312-06-0606 PUSH-ON-06MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.48
LS-4312-08-0608 PUSH-ON-06MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$7.85
LS-4312-08-0808 PUSH-ON-08MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$9.53
LS-4312-12-1212 PUSH-ON-12MPXBrass Push-On Hose Barb$16.18
40C-0303FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.73
40C-0404FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$1.11
40C-0505FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.43
40C-0606FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.15
40C-0808FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.15
40C-1010FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.15
40C-1212FSAE CAPBrass SAE 45 Flare$31.42
40P-0303MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.12
40P-0404MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$1.88
40P-0505MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.95
40P-0606MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.05
40P-0808MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.91
40P-1010MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.57
40P-1212MSAE PLUGBrass SAE 45 Flare$28.48
41-0202FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.20
41-0303FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.77
41-0404FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.31
41-0505FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.18
41-0606FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.47
41-0808FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.91
41-1010FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.23
41-1212FSAE LONG NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$39.68
41S-0202FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.50
41S-0303FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$1.45
41S-0404FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$1.80
41S-0505FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.05
41S-0606FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.26
41S-0808FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.61
41S-1010FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.60
41S-1212FSAE SHORT NUTBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.38
42-02-0202MSAE-02MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.52
42-03-0303MSAE-03MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.40
42-04-0404MSAE-04MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.11
42-05-0405MSAE-04MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.04
42-05-0505MSAE-05MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.77
42-06-0406MSAE-04MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.90
42-06-0506MSAE-05MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.33
42-06-0606MSAE-06MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.78
42-08-0608MSAE-06MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.85
42-08-0808MSAE-08MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.97
42-10-0610MSAE-06MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.37
42-10-0810MSAE-08MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.40
42-10-1010MSAE-10MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.42
42-12-0812MSAE-08MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$35.10
42-12-1212MSAE-12MSAE UNIONBrass SAE 45 Flare$22.86
44-02-02-0202MSAE-02MSAE-02MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$15.05
44-03-03-0303MSAE-03MSAE-03MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.41
44-04-04-0404MSAE-04MSAE-04MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$8.27
44-04-04-0604MSAE-04MSAE-06MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.36
44-05-05-0505MSAE-05MSAE-05MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.24
44-06-06-0406MSAE-06MSAE-04MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.37
44-06-06-0606MSAE-06MSAE-06MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.96
44-06-06-0806MSAE-06MSAE-08MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$18.40
44-08-08-0608MSAE-08MSAE-06MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.97
44-08-08-0808MSAE-08MSAE-08MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$16.36
44-10-10-0610MSAE-10MSAE-06MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$39.95
44-10-10-0810MSAE-10MSAE-08MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$33.10
44-10-10-1010MSAE-10MSAE-10MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$25.66
44-12-12-1212MSAE-12MSAE-12MSAE TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$57.35
45-02-02-0202MSAE-02MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$50.34
45-03-03-0203MSAE-02MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.67
45-04-04-0204MSAE-02MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$13.30
45-04-04-0404MSAE-04MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.46
45-04-04-0604MSAE-06MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$19.60
45-05-05-0205MSAE-02MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$13.57
45-05-05-0405MSAE-04MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$15.11
45-06-06-0206MSAE-02MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$19.76
45-06-06-0406MSAE-04MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.66
45-06-06-0606MSAE-06MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$16.58
45-06-06-0806MSAE-08MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$29.72
45-08-08-0408MSAE-04MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$26.25
45-08-08-0608MSAE-06MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$21.80
45-08-08-0808MSAE-08MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$27.85
45-10-10-0610MSAE-06MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$39.49
45-10-10-0810MSAE-08MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$36.29
45-12-12-0812MSAE-08MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$87.11
45-12-12-1212MSAE-12MP BRANCH TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$69.64
46-02-0202MSAE-02FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$10.07
46-03-0203MSAE-02FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.10
46-03-0403MSAE-04FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.70
46-04-0204MSAE-02FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.31
46-04-0404MSAE-04FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.59
46-04-0604MSAE-06FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$10.64
46-04-0804MSAE-08FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.83
46-05-0205MSAE-02FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.28
46-05-0405MSAE-04FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.06
46-06-0206MSAE-02FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.75
46-06-0406MSAE-04FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.72
46-06-0606MSAE-06FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.68
46-06-0806MSAE-08FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.33
46-06-1206MSAE-12FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.05
46-08-0408MSAE-04FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$11.12
46-08-0608MSAE-06FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.59
46-08-0808MSAE-08FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.81
46-08-1208MSAE-12FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$13.07
46-10-0610MSAE-06FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$14.25
46-10-0810MSAE-08FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$8.01
46-10-1210MSAE-12FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$14.89
46-12-0812MSAE-08FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$27.67
46-12-1212MSAE-12FPBrass SAE 45 Flare$39.75
48-02-0202MSAE-02MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$8.17
48-03-0203MSAE-02MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.67
48-03-0403MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.28
48-04-0204MSAE-02MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$1.87
48-04-0404MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.61
48-04-0604MSAE-06MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.84
48-04-0804MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.66
48-05-0205MSAE-02MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.49
48-05-0405MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.11
48-05-0605MSAE-06MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$6.70
48-05-0805MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$22.34
48-06-0206MSAE-02MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$2.43
48-06-0406MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.11
48-06-0606MSAE-06MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$3.06
48-06-0806MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.17
48-06-1206MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$16.56
48-08-0408MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.20
48-08-0608MSAE-06MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$4.96
48-08-0808MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$5.13
48-08-1208MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.45
48-10-0410MSAE-04MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$18.53
48-10-0610MSAE-06MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.76
48-10-0810MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$7.05
48-10-1210MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$10.35
48-12-0812MSAE-08MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.26
48-12-1212MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.37
48-14-1214MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$45.40
48-16-1216MSAE-12MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$56.98
48-16-1616MSAE-16MPBrass SAE 45 Flare$61.39
49-02-0202MSAE-02MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$24.12
49-03-0203MSAE-02MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$6.08
49-03-0403MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$12.45
49-04-0204MSAE-02MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$3.83
49-04-0404MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$4.67
49-04-0604MSAE-06MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$10.00
49-04-0804MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$15.51
49-05-0205MSAE-02MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$7.14
49-05-0405MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$9.54
49-05-0605MSAE-06MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.47
49-05-0805MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$30.18
49-06-0206MSAE-02MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$8.69
49-06-0406MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$6.53
49-06-0606MSAE-06MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$6.77
49-06-0806MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$11.91
49-06-1206MSAE-12MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$30.58
49-08-0408MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.13
49-08-0608MSAE-06MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$17.43
49-08-0808MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$19.80
49-08-1208MSAE-12MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$22.81
49-10-0410MSAE-04MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$20.38
49-10-0610MSAE-06MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$18.72
49-10-0810MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$16.93
49-10-1210MSAE-12MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$25.67
49-12-0812MSAE-08MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$32.60
49-12-1212MSAE-12MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$56.68
49-14-1214MSAE-12MP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$66.78
50-03-0203MSAE-02FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$15.09
50-04-0204MSAE-02FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$9.86
50-04-0404MSAE-04FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.02
50-04-0604MSAE-06FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$18.19
50-04-0804MSAE-08FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$17.29
50-05-0205MSAE-02FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.13
50-05-0405MSAE-04FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$14.11
50-06-0206MSAE-02FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$11.80
50-06-0406MSAE-04FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$10.14
50-06-0606MSAE-06FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$10.65
50-06-0806MSAE-08FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.78
50-06-1206MSAE-12FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$25.96
50-08-0408MSAE-04FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$18.81
50-08-0608MSAE-06FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$15.05
50-08-0808MSAE-08FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$16.10
50-08-1208MSAE-12FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$24.16
50-10-0610MSAE-06FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$27.99
50-10-0810MSAE-08FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$19.91
50-10-1210MSAE-12FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$25.00
50-12-0812MSAE-08FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$55.64
50-12-1212MSAE-12FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$81.90
50-14-1214MSAE-12FP 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$93.01
51-03-02-0303MSAE-02MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$13.08
51-04-02-0404MSAE-02MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$9.15
51-04-04-0404MSAE-04MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.52
51-05-02-0505MSAE-02MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$12.41
51-05-04-0505MSAE-04MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$20.72
51-06-02-0606MSAE-02MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$20.44
51-06-04-0606MSAE-04MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$14.95
51-06-06-0606MSAE-06MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$16.07
51-06-08-0606MSAE-08MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.19
51-08-04-0808MSAE-04MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$37.15
51-08-06-0808MSAE-06MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$21.51
51-08-08-0808MSAE-08MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$32.08
51-10-06-1010MSAE-06MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$31.37
51-10-08-1010MSAE-08MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$37.12
51-10-12-1010MSAE-12MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$60.55
51-12-08-1212MSAE-08MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$81.85
51-12-12-1212MSAE-12MP RUN TEEBrass SAE 45 Flare$75.83
52-04-04-04-0404MSAE CROSSBrass SAE 45 Flare$29.42
52-05-05-05-0505MSAE CROSSBrass SAE 45 Flare$29.96
52-06-06-06-0606MSAE CROSSBrass SAE 45 Flare$27.04
52-08-08-08-0808MSAE CROSSBrass SAE 45 Flare$27.85
52-10-10-10-1010MSAE CROSSBrass SAE 45 Flare$51.81
54-04-0204MSAE-02MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$8.73
54-04-0404MSAE-04MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$12.88
54-05-0205MSAE-02MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$14.64
54-05-0405MSAE-04MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$14.10
54-06-0406MSAE-04MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$9.75
54-06-0606MSAE-06MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$12.71
54-06-0806MSAE-08MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$22.30
54-08-0608MSAE-06MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$13.44
54-08-0808MSAE-08MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$22.82
54-10-0810MSAE-08MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$22.84
54-12-0812MSAE-08MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$48.87
54-12-1212MSAE-12MP 45Brass SAE 45 Flare$41.40
55-02-0202MSAE-02MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$14.90
55-03-0303MSAE-03MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$21.08
55-04-0404MSAE-04MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$8.05
55-05-0505MSAE-05MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$10.51
55-06-0406MSAE-04MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$12.08
55-06-0606MSAE-06MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$9.62
55-08-0608MSAE-06MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$17.13
55-08-0808MSAE-08MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$18.87
55-10-0810MSAE-08MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$26.08
55-10-1010MSAE-10MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$19.58
55-12-0812MSAE-08MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$48.87
55-12-1212MSAE-12MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$44.34
55-14-1414MSAE-14MSAE 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$89.12
138801704FSAEX-04FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$13.77
138804805FSAEX-05FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$17.29
138808006FSAEX-06FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$15.40
138814308FSAEX-08FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$20.13
138820410FSAEX-08FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$31.46
138820610FSAEX-10FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$174.78
138826912FSAEX-12FSAEXBrass SAE 45 Flare$84.40
142088904MSAE-04FSAEX 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$23.34
142107810MSAE-10FSAEX 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$88.68
142114112MSAE-12FSAEX 90Brass SAE 45 Flare$158.54