Tompkins Supra Clamps

At ForceFlex We Carry a Large Inventory of Tompkins Parts and Fittings. If You Need a Part We Do Not Have in Stock We Can Have it to You in 1-2 Days.

SUPRA W2-075T-BOLT CLAMP .67-.75" 17-19MMSupra Clamps$3.71
SUPRA W2-080T-BOLT CLAMP .75-.83" 19-21MMSupra Clamps$3.76
SUPRA W2-090T-BOLT CLAMP .83-.91" 21-23MMSupra Clamps$3.79
SUPRA W2-100T-BOLT CLAMP .91-.98" 23-25MMSupra Clamps$3.85
SUPRA W2-1000T-BOLT CLAMP 9.92-10.43" 252-265MMSupra Clamps$44.65
SUPRA W2-105T-BOLT CLAMP .98-1.06" 25-27MMSupra Clamps$3.89
SUPRA W2-1075T-BOLT CLAMP 10.43-10.94" 265-278MMSupra Clamps$52.64
SUPRA W2-115T-BOLT CLAMP 1.06-1.14" 27-29MMSupra Clamps$3.93
SUPRA W2-120T-BOLT CLAMP 1.14-1.22" 29-31MMSupra Clamps$4.64
SUPRA W2-125T-BOLT CLAMP 1.22-1.34" 31-34MMSupra Clamps$4.77
SUPRA W2-1275T-BOLT CLAMP 12.48-12.99" 317-330MMSupra Clamps$108.38
SUPRA W2-140T-BOLT CLAMP 1.34-1.46" 34-37MMSupra Clamps$5.06
SUPRA W2-150T-BOLT CLAMP 1.46-1.57" 37-40MMSupra Clamps$5.11
SUPRA W2-165T-BOLT CLAMP 1.57-1.69" 40-43MMSupra Clamps$5.20
SUPRA W2-175T-BOLT CLAMP 1.69-1.85" 43-47MMSupra Clamps$5.17
SUPRA W2-200T-BOLT CLAMP 1.85-2.01" 47-51MMSupra Clamps$6.16
SUPRA W2-215T-BOLT CLAMP 2.01-2.17" 51-55MMSupra Clamps$6.26
SUPRA W2-225T-BOLT CLAMP 2.17-2.32" 55-59MMSupra Clamps$6.88
SUPRA W2-238T-BOLT CLAMP 2.32-2.48" 59-63MMSupra Clamps$5.94
SUPRA W2-250T-BOLT CLAMP 2.48-2.68" 63-68MMSupra Clamps$7.16
SUPRA W2-275T-BOLT CLAMP 2.68-2.87" 68-73MMSupra Clamps$9.13
SUPRA W2-300T-BOLT CLAMP 2.87-3.11" 73-79MMSupra Clamps$9.37
SUPRA W2-325T-BOLT CLAMP 3.11-3.35" 79-85MMSupra Clamps$9.60
SUPRA W2-350T-BOLT CLAMP 3.35-3.58" 85-91MMSupra Clamps$9.86
SUPRA W2-375T-BOLT CLAMP 3.58-3.82" 91-97MMSupra Clamps$10.07
SUPRA W2-400T-BOLT CLAMP 3.82-4.09" 97-104MMSupra Clamps$10.40
SUPRA W2-425T-BOLT CLAMP 4.09-4.41" 104-112MMSupra Clamps$11.01
SUPRA W2-475T-BOLT CLAMP 4.41-4.76" 112-121MMSupra Clamps$11.26
SUPRA W2-500T-BOLT CLAMP 4.76-5.12" 121-130MMSupra Clamps$11.58
SUPRA W2-550T-BOLT CLAMP 5.12-5.51" 130-140MMSupra Clamps$16.40
SUPRA W2-575T-BOLT CLAMP 5.51-5.91" 140-150MMSupra Clamps$16.76
SUPRA W2-600T-BOLT CLAMP 5.91-6.38" 150-162MMSupra Clamps$17.19
SUPRA W2-650T-BOLT CLAMP 6.38-6.85" 162-174MMSupra Clamps$17.57
SUPRA W2-700T-BOLT CLAMP 6.85-7.36" 174-187MMSupra Clamps$18.06
SUPRA W2-750T-BOLT CLAMP 7.36-7.87" 187-200MMSupra Clamps$18.51
SUPRA W2-800T-BOLT CLAMP 7.87-8.39" 200-213MMSupra Clamps$18.93
SUPRA W2-850T-BOLT CLAMP 8.39-8.90" 213-226MMSupra Clamps$19.40
SUPRA W2-900T-BOLT CLAMP 8.90-9.41" 226-239MMSupra Clamps$19.84
SUPRA W2-950T-BOLT CLAMP 9.41-9.92" 239-252MMSupra Clamps$20.27