Tompkins Worm Gear Clamps

At ForceFlex We Carry a Large Inventory of Tompkins Parts and Fittings. If You Need a Part We Do Not Have in Stock We Can Have it to You in 1-2 Days.

WGC-04WORM GEAR CLAMP-.250-.625"Worm Gear Clamps$1.52
WGC-05WORM GEAR CLAMP-.250-.688"Worm Gear Clamps$2.08
WGC-06WORM GEAR CLAMP-.833-.875"Worm Gear Clamps$1.52
WGC-08WORM GEAR CLAMP-.438-1.000"Worm Gear Clamps$1.64
WGC-10WORM GEAR CLAMP-.500-.688"Worm Gear Clamps$1.72
WGC-104WORM GEAR CLAMP-4.000-7.000"Worm Gear Clamps$5.28
WGC-12WORM GEAR CLAMP-.500-1.250"Worm Gear Clamps$1.72
WGC-128WORM GEAR CLAMP-6.500-8.500"Worm Gear Clamps$9.52
WGC-152WORM GEAR CLAMP 2.50" - 9.50" RANGEWorm Gear Clamps$9.68
WGC-16WORM GEAR CLAMP-.688-1.500"Worm Gear Clamps$1.56
WGC-188WORM GEAR CLAMP-9.375-12.250"Worm Gear Clamps$11.20
WGC-20WORM GEAR CLAMP-.750-1.750"Worm Gear Clamps$1.68
WGC-24WORM GEAR CLAMP-1.000-2.000"Worm Gear Clamps$1.84
WGC-248WORM GEAR CLAMP-13.125-16.000"Worm Gear Clamps$9.84
WGC-28WORM GEAR CLAMP-1.250-2.250"Worm Gear Clamps$1.88
WGC-32WORM GEAR CLAMP-1.500-2.500"Worm Gear Clamps$1.88
WGC-36WORM GEAR CLAMP-1.750-2.750"Worm Gear Clamps$2.64
WGC-40WORM GEAR CLAMP-2.000-3.000"Worm Gear Clamps$2.56
WGC-44WORM GEAR CLAMP-2.250-3.250"Worm Gear Clamps$2.36
WGC-48WORM GEAR CLAMP-2.500-3.500"Worm Gear Clamps$3.12
WGC-56WORM GEAR CLAMP-3.000-4.000"Worm Gear Clamps$3.68
WGC-60WORM GEAR CLAMP-2.250-4.250"Worm Gear Clamps$4.36
WGC-64WORM GEAR CLAMP-2.500-4.500"Worm Gear Clamps$3.32
WGC-72WORM GEAR CLAMP-3.000-5.000"Worm Gear Clamps$3.72
WGC-80WORM GEAR CLAMP-3.250-5.250"Worm Gear Clamps$3.64
WGC-88WORM GEAR CLAMP-4.000-6.000"Worm Gear Clamps$4.16
WGC-96WORM GEAR CLAMP-4.500-6.500"Worm Gear Clamps$5.48