Tompkins Brass Hose Barbs

At ForceFlex We Carry a Large Inventory of Tompkins Parts and Fittings. If You Need a Part We Do Not Have in Stock We Can Have it to You in 1-2 Days.

Part#DescriptionProduct GroupList
29T-04-04-0404HB UNION TEEBrass Hose Barb$8.40
29T-05-05-0505HB UNION TEEBrass Hose Barb$8.93
29T-06-06-0606HB UNION TEEBrass Hose Barb$8.60
29T-08-08-0808HB UNION TEEBrass Hose Barb$10.19
84009202HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$3.65
84012103HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$2.04
84015304HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$1.87
84018405HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$2.95
84021606HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$2.65
84027708HB-06HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$5.16
84027908HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$2.90
84034210HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$4.06
84040512HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$5.13
4200-16-1616HB SPLICERBrass Hose Barb$12.85
85616202HB-02MPBrass Hose Barb$2.33
85616402HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$2.99
85619103HB-02MPBrass Hose Barb$2.77
85619303HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$3.36
85622204HB-02MPBrass Hose Barb$1.73
85622404HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$3.03
85622604HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$3.13
85622804HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$5.55
85625205HB-02MPBrass Hose Barb$1.91
85625405HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$3.53
85625605HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$3.71
85625805HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$12.05
85628306HB-02MPBrass Hose Barb$2.56
85628506HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$3.03
85628706HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$3.36
85628906HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$5.23
85629306HB-12MPBrass Hose Barb$11.19
85634608HB-04MPBrass Hose Barb$3.52
85634808HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$3.49
85635008HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$5.46
85635408HB-12MPBrass Hose Barb$9.14
85640910HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$3.65
85641110HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$5.67
85641510HB-12MPBrass Hose Barb$9.31
85647012HB-06MPBrass Hose Barb$9.49
85647212HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$6.22
85647612HB-12MPBrass Hose Barb$9.67
85648012HB-16MPBrass Hose Barb$18.97
4244-16-0816HB-08MPBrass Hose Barb$16.87
4244-16-1216HB-12MPBrass Hose Barb$13.23
4244-16-1616HB-16MPBrass Hose Barb$16.84
4244-20-1620HB-16MPBrass Hose Barb$26.55
85652802HB-02FPBrass Hose Barb$3.52
85653002HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$11.53
85655603HB-02FPBrass Hose Barb$3.44
85655803HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$12.46
85658704HB-02FPBrass Hose Barb$3.27
85658904HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$2.71
85659104HB-06FPBrass Hose Barb$5.96
85661705HB-02FPBrass Hose Barb$7.21
85661905HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$7.23
85662105HB-06FPBrass Hose Barb$12.88
85664806HB-02FPBrass Hose Barb$11.27
85665006HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$3.47
85665206HB-06FPBrass Hose Barb$4.60
85665406HB-08FPBrass Hose Barb$8.34
85671108HB-04FPBrass Hose Barb$5.16
85671308HB-06FPBrass Hose Barb$5.44
85671508HB-08FPBrass Hose Barb$8.25
85684112HB-12FPBrass Hose Barb$14.63
4245-16-1216HB-12FPBrass Hose Barb$45.74
4245-16-1616HB-16FPBrass Hose Barb$56.69
4245-S-03-0203HB-02FPXBrass Hose Barb$9.59
4245-S-03-0403HB-04FPXBrass Hose Barb$10.98
4245-S-04-0404HB-04FPXBrass Hose Barb$3.83
4245-S-04-0604HB-06FPXBrass Hose Barb$14.16
4245-S-05-0405HB-04FPXBrass Hose Barb$7.47
4245-S-06-0406HB-04FPXBrass Hose Barb$3.98
4245-S-06-0606HB-06FPXBrass Hose Barb$5.44
4245-S-06-0806HB-08FPXBrass Hose Barb$21.02
4245-S-08-0608HB-06FPXBrass Hose Barb$5.44
4245-S-08-0808HB-08FPXBrass Hose Barb$8.25
4245-S-12-1212HB-12FPXBrass Hose Barb$11.04
85841504HB-04MSAEBrass Hose Barb$6.17
85841704HB-06MSAEBrass Hose Barb$10.35
85844605HB-05MSAEBrass Hose Barb$13.59
85847806HB-06MSAEBrass Hose Barb$12.34
85854108HB-08MSAEBrass Hose Barb$17.00
86020903HB-03FJXBrass Hose Barb$14.71
86024104HB-04FJXBrass Hose Barb$3.61
86024204HB-05FJXBrass Hose Barb$7.53
86024304HB-06FJXBrass Hose Barb$4.50
4255-04-06-SAE04HB-06FSAEBrass Hose Barb$4.88
86027305HB-06FJXBrass Hose Barb$8.40
86030406HB-06FJXBrass Hose Barb$4.58
4255-06-06-SAE06HB-06FSAEBrass Hose Barb$4.98
86030606HB-08FJXBrass Hose Barb$14.04
86036708HB-08FJXBrass Hose Barb$5.32
86036908HB-10FJXBrass Hose Barb$15.86
86043010HB-10FJXBrass Hose Barb$12.23
86049312HB-12FJXBrass Hose Barb$18.03
4255-12-12-SAE12HB-12FSAEBrass Hose Barb$39.55
87296602HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$12.43
87299403HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$7.75
87302304HB-02MP 90Brass Hose Barb$4.83
87302504HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$7.09
87302704HB-06MP 90Brass Hose Barb$10.75
87305305HB-02MP 90Brass Hose Barb$7.72
87305505HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$10.17
87305705HB-06MP 90Brass Hose Barb$11.59
87308406HB-02MP 90Brass Hose Barb$6.64
87308606HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$6.94
87308806HB-06MP 90Brass Hose Barb$9.17
87309006HB-08MP 90Brass Hose Barb$12.69
87314708HB-04MP 90Brass Hose Barb$7.72
87314908HB-06MP 90Brass Hose Barb$9.29
87315108HB-08MP 90Brass Hose Barb$12.62
87321010HB-06MP 90Brass Hose Barb$15.89
87321210HB-08MP 90Brass Hose Barb$17.01
87321610HB-12MP 90Brass Hose Barb$25.66
87327312HB-08MP 90Brass Hose Barb$22.38
87327712HB-12MP 90Brass Hose Barb$27.62
4290-16-1216HB-12MP 90Brass Hose Barb$32.10
87484904HB-02MP 45Brass Hose Barb$11.54
87485104HB-04MP 45Brass Hose Barb$33.05
87488105HB-04MP 45Brass Hose Barb$13.62
87491006HB-02MP 45Brass Hose Barb$11.72
87491206HB-04MP 45Brass Hose Barb$10.51
87491406HB-06MP 45Brass Hose Barb$14.86
87497508HB-06MP 45Brass Hose Barb$18.52
87503610HB-06MP 45Brass Hose Barb$18.40
BFL-03750.375" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.51
BFL-04250.425" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.71
BFL-04500.450" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.61
BFL-04750.475" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.61
BFL-05000.500" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.60
BFL-05250.525" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.60
BFL-05500.550" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.61
BFL-05750.575" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$0.92
BFL-06000.600" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.02
BFL-06250.625" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.00
BFL-06500.650" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.06
BFL-06750.675" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.06
BFL-07000.700" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.00
BFL-07250.725" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.19
BFL-07500.750" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.12
BFL-07750.775" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.07
BFL-08000.800" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.28
BFL-08250.825" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.18
BFL-08500.850" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.48
BFL-08750.875" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.21
BFL-09000.900" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.29
BFL-09250.925" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.39
BFL-09500.950" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$1.39
BFL-09750.975" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$2.29
BFL-10001.000" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$2.36
BFL-10251.025" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$2.49
BFL-10751.075" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$2.61
BFL-11001.100" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$2.61
BFL-13501.350" ID BRASS FERRULEBrass Hose Barb$4.82
LS-4244-04-0404HB-04MPXBrass Hose Barb$5.62
LS-4244-06-0406HB-04MPXBrass Hose Barb$6.13
LS-4244-06-0606HB-06MPXBrass Hose Barb$6.56
LS-4244-08-0608HB-06MPXBrass Hose Barb$7.46
LS-4244-08-0808HB-08MPXBrass Hose Barb$9.59
LS-4244-12-1212HB-12MPXBrass Hose Barb$13.87